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National 7-Eleven Day

Did you hear?! Today, July 11th, is National 7-Eleven Day! So what does that mean? It means you can hit up your local 7-Eleven and get a free Slurpee!

My kids thought this was so cool and so fun! I told them about when I was a kid. I’m the oldest of three children, and I would go with my brother and sister by bike up to our neighborhood 7-Eleven. We thought we were so cool gathering my dad’s extra pocket change, and seeing how much we could buy by way of Slurpee’s and candy! I remember having a blast mixing my flavors and making creations of new Slurpee flavors. It was a refreshing treat, and a fun little bicycle adventure.

Today when we drove up to the 7-Eleven, it was adorned with balloons and giant blow-up Slurpee mascots! My kids were impressed and excited. Plus the blow-up Slurpee mascots made for a great photo-op, which was fun. When we walked through the doors it was a Slurpee celebration! Balloons and tons of people, and one of the employees loading the countertops as quickly as possible with as many purple Slurpee cups and spoon straws as he could fit! Even better my kids couldn’t believe they were … FREE!

Not only were they free by way of cost, but more importantly they are free of the top 8 allergens, and in particular, my sons allergens. So this was a super fun celebration and treat that was safe and he could be INCLUDED in!! When you’ve got a life-threatening allergy there are many times, especially as a child, that you are not included for your own safety. There are many nice ways I could dress this up, but let’s be honest I don’t care how old or how young you are – at any age, being excluded – it sucks. So this, this is fun!

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Happy National 7-Eleven Day!

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