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Disney’s Grand Californian White Water Snacks

Our go to place to stay in Disneyland is the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. One of the many perks of this hotel is White Water Snacks!


White Water Snacks is a cross between a fast food joint and a small market. They’ve got a great spread of Americana fare, a refrigerated offering of both drinks, fruits, sandwiches, desserts, a soda fountain, frozen treats, frozen meals that you can buy and prepare there, bread, condiments, cereal and more!

If you enter the hotel through the outdoor California Adventure entrance, and take a left towards the pool, there you will find it just past the spa. It opens pretty early, usually around 6:30am and stays open til a decent hour as well, usually around 10:00pm.

We love going here before we hit the parks headed out from our hotel room to grab a meal or quick snack, or sometimes after being exhausted after a time in the parks and needing to go to our room for a much needed nap time.

By way of drinks, there is one of those fountain machines where you can press a touch screen and get nearly any flavor fountain drink you’d like. Not just Diet Dr. Pepper, but vanilla, cherry or several other flavors of Diet Dr. Pepper! It’s a soda lovers small paradies. There’s a refrigerated area full of all sorts of energy drinks, water, milk, juices, string cheese and more. There’s also an open area refrigerated section with sandwiches, Jello molds and whipped cream, fruit (both natural in the peel, or cut and prepared), as well as some pastries.

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They even have a small frozen section with all sorts of fun ice cream treats, and even some frozen food items that you can purchase and have prepared in the kitchen for you.

Next, but not least you’ve got an entire wall of grocery store basics including coffee and filters for the machine in your hotel room, Pam spray, bread, condiments, peanut butter, jelly, several different cereals, cookies, candy, and more!

Finally, the menu items from the kitchen. We haven’t tried everything off their menu yet (emphasis on the yet), but I can tell you that their nachos are the best!!!! We get them with all three meats, although you could choose to have just one, two or all three (chicken, pork, beef) and all the toppings. Their quesadilla is great. They have sandwiches, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, several different pizzas, and more. The breakfast items are equally amazing! There are mickey shaped waffles. My peanut shellfish allergic child has had the waffles cleared by the chef for him, and they have become his go to food in addition the Mickey shaped pretzels, also available here. They’ve got a breakfast sandwich, breakfast burrito (this is SO good, and you can ask for extra salsa to pour all over that bad boy!), oatmeal and baked chilaquiles (these are also SO good and yummy!).

It’s seriously a super helpful place that we have come to rely on. The staff there are amazing and so accomodating if you have any questions for the kitchen. They can special request things such as plain chicken breast, or they can run to the back and get labels for pretzels or other items you would like to investigate.

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