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Summer Food Allergy Friendly Finds Volume II

It’s a dry heat they say. Yeah you’ve heard it. If you have family or friends in Arizona, or have lived or traveled here yourself, everyone says it. Admittedly, I have visited the east coast and the southern states enough to experience humidity coupled with heat, and that is worse. It really is, and I’ll take a dry 120 degree heat any day, over humid heat. Especially, if I can stay in my air-conditioned home and eat all the frozen treats I want!

In Volume I of food allergy finds for summer we took a peek at Popsicle Firecrackers, Watermelon Bomb Pops and Fudge Banana Bomb Pops. Today, we take a look at several different treats that are fun for an Ice Cream Bar party, as well as a healthy treat that my kids will even have for breakfast or a snack.


My youngest had a baby blessing in December, and then just a few months later my oldest daughter was baptized. After both events, we invited family and friends to join us at our home for food and an Ice Cream Bar! We set out a handful of different types of ice cream, maraschino cherries, chocolate and caramel syrup, crushed Oreo’s, sprinkles, whipped cream and more. We even had malted milk, a blender, milk and root beer. That way our guests had the option of making a shake or Root Beer Float, if they fancied. We even found gluten-free ice cream cones! It was a hit! That’s why we did it twice. Why recreate the wheel?!

Now, not all of our ice creams were safe for my son, but we showed him which one’s were. We didn’t have any with peanuts or tree nuts, but there were a couple of selections for our guests that were “may contain”. We made sure that we showed him the labels and which one’s he could have, prior to the craziness of the party and gathering.

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Another little treat that we pretty stock in our freezer consistently are those little tubes of yogurt. So my son doesn’t like yogurt in any form. Loves milk and ice cream, hates yogurt. My girls however, they LOVE it, with one caveat – it must be frozen. So we buy the refrigerated tubes and keep them in the freezer. There is a little trick to it, to make it easier for our kids to eat on their own. We turn on warm water and run the bottom of the tube under the stream for a handful of seconds to loosen up the frozen yogurt just a tad, then wrap the tube in a paper towel so their hands don’t get too cold, and snip off the top. Easy peasy! We like to get Stoneyfield or Annie’s both organic and strawberry.

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