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McDonald’s Allergy Friendly Ice Cream

Ice Cream oh how I love you, let me count the ways… I love ice cream in all its forms, flavors… anytime, anywhere.

Now, with a peanut allergy, you may not think that would not hinder the ice cream indulgences of a child. Oh but it does, especially at ice cream shops and such.


When everyone else can make a quick stop through the Dairy Queen Drive Thru, not us. The odds are just too high for cross-contamination that we don’t take a chance.

The first place we felt comfortable having our son try ice cream on-the-go was McDonalds soft serve.

Any peanuts for their sundaes are kept in separate individual packages, as are any other nuts or toppings for salads and the like.

The Details

The vanilla reduced fat ice cream contains milk. The ice cream cone contains wheat and soy. We order the ice cream in a cone, but you can ask for it in a cup if you need to avoid wheat and soy!

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