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Disneylands Food Allergy Friendly Finds Volume IV


Disneyland Mickey Mouse Shaped Pretzels

Pretzels, Corndogs, and Potato Chips… oh my! Now, the Mickey shaped pretzels and the various bags of potato chips can be found all over the park including Disneyland and California Adventure. The pretzels are soft and wonderful! They come salted, and my kids all love eating them. Not only are they absolutely adorable because they are Mickey Mouse shaped, BUT they are also great because they can just keeping snacking on it as you venture around the park.

Chips, Chips and More Chips!

The chips that are most commonly found around the park are Nacho Cheese Doritos, Crunchy Cheeto’s, and Classic Lay’s. Healthy, absolutely not. Filling? Nope not that either. Cute Mickey shape? Nope. However, when you’re adventuring through Disneyland all day long, perhaps for several days, and you’re trying not to spend a fortune on food, it’s a great find should it fit your particular needs. Sometimes it’s all a kid needs to take the edge off til the next meal. Plus, you get a bag of Classic Lays WITH your corn dog!

Two Words. Corn. Dog. Need I Say More?!

Did I just say corn dog?! Why yes I did! Okay these are the corn dogs to end all corn dogs. Seriously, better even than any State Fair, carnival or other corn dog I’ve ever had, and I’ve had my share of corn dogs. They are in California Adventure next to Goofy’s Sky School. Which, side note, by the way, is the most terrifying little roller coaster I’ve ever been on (more about that in a moment). It’s called Corn Dog Castle “where corn dogs rule”! They cast members are so awesome here, you can check out the bag of ingredients for the batter and it’s an exclusive dedicated fryer. Then grab some mustard, ketchup or both and you’re in your way to corn dog heaven! Oh, and did I mention they also give you some apple slices? They are so cute with some health facts on the back about how they help strengthen the body etc. The batter comes from the Rich-In-All company, and contains milk, eggs, wheat, and soy from the Top 8. It is labeled for cross contamination with all those listed as well as tree nuts. If this is a friendly find for you, then be sure to grab one. They don’t disappoint! 

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Apple Slices Snack Pack

At the order window for corn dogs, they have snack bags of apple slices, and besides the fact that it serves as a healthy snack that should be allergy friendly for many people, It had the cutest facts on the back which I thought was pretty neat.

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