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Wendy’s Allergy Friendly Frosty


In another post about ice cream, I discuss introducing my son to McDonalds vanilla ice cream cones.

When I was a child I loved getting an ice cream cone from McDonalds, but do you know what else I loved?! My dad would take us to Wendy’s and we’d order french fries and Frosty’s, and then dip our fries in the Frosty’s. Salty sweet and so so yummy!

What’s the Deal?

Wendy’s has the same essential set-up as McDonalds when it comes to their soft serve. Any salad toppings (nuts and more) that may be of concern, are kept separately packaged.

For a time at certain locations they would have mix-ins. The Wendy’s locations that we go to do not have the mix-ins, and so we have not had to worry about that type of cross-contamination. If your Wendy’s has Frosty’s mix-ins you will want to ask about the process and chances of cross-contamination.

The Details

Since there’s no cone and these are served in a cup, you only need to worry about milk and soy in regard to the Top 8. On the Wendy’s website they list milk as an ingredient in the entire United States, but soy is only included in Hawaii and Alaska.

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