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Disneyland’s Food Allergy Finds Volume V

I could eat kettle corn, and cotton candy for days!


Downtown Disney Kettle Corn

The kettle corn in Downtown Disney is from another vendor and different than inside the parks. It’s called CaliPop by ESS Snack Foods. The Salted Caramel contains milk and soy, and isn’t labeled for cross contamination. This food cart was near the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney.

Disneyland & California Adventure Kettle Corn

The Fantasmic Kettle Corn is brightly colored in red, green and blue. It contains sugar, corn oil, popcorn, vinegar, baking soda, salt, soy lecithin and artificial colors. If this is a friendly food for you, it will be a fun and tasty eat! You can find this pre-packaged and labeled throughout the park on food carts. I found mine in front of the Haunted Mansion.

Cotton Candy!

Now let’s talk your favorite and mine, COTTON CANDY! This is a classic old fashioned treat! What’s especially nice about this treat making it a food allergy friendly find, is that it’s only made with 1- SUGAR 2- ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS 3- ARTIFICIAL COLORS, yes 1-2-3- ingredients! Is it healthy, absolutely not, but this isn’t a health food blog. This is a food allergy friendly find that is chock-full of sugar and pretty to look at.

See, I keep telling you the cast members are so stinkin’ nice!!! This sweet gal held the label up to help me snap my picture. Love them!!

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