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Summer Food Allergy Friendly Finds Volume I

We live in the Arizona desert. My family first moved here in 1989. That following summer it was a record breaking heat wave and we hit 122 degrees! Can you feel it?! As I write this it’s 105 in our part of the valley today. That’s right, it’s only gonna get hotter!

So what’s the best way to beat the heat when you live in the valley and have food allergies? Swimming pools and water parks are amazing, as is staying indoors to enjoy the air conditioning. Even better yet, POPSICLES and ICE CREAM! All the popsicles and ice cream your heart desires! All. Summer. Long!


In a series on summer popsicles and ice cream that are food allergy friendly finds, I present to you Volume I. This includes Firecracker by Popsicle, Watermelon Bomb Pops, and Banana Fudge Bomb pops!

Allergen Info on Each of the Three

Now, while the Popsicle brand Firecrackers are Top 8 free and not labeled for cross-contamination, both Bomb Pop brand versions in watermelon and banana fudge are listed for cross-contamination for peanuts AND tree nuts. The watermelon contain soy, and may contain milk. The banana fudge contain milk.

I have 5 children, only 4 that are of age to eat popsicles (the baby would probably like it if he tried it), and they lasted less than a week! My son that has peanut and shellfish allergy, stuck with the Firecrackers to avoid cross-contamination.

Fun, Cute and Tasty

I’ve had Firecrackers before, but the other two I had never tried before. In fact, I had never even heard of them before! The watermelon pops were super sweet and reminded me of watermelon bubblegum. So, of course, my kids loved them!! There are chocolate chips that look like real watermelon seeds. How stinkin’ cute is that?! They are so cute and yummy too. The banana fudge pops deceive you. On the picture from the box I thought they’d be a water based popsicle consistency, with a chocolate dipped coating. They aren’t! It’s literally like a fudge pop with banana flavored creaminess in the middle. If you like banana you’ll love it!

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