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We’ve Got Mail | Food Allergy Mail!

Hello friends! Today we got some of the best mail in a very long time! My friend J.J. Vulopas, of The Land of Can, wrote a book called, The Land of Not. J.J. wrote The Land of Not, to help strengthen and empower kids with food allergies. Quite frankly, J.J. is doing far more than that. He is empowering our entire community, and anyone that we share his message with, “You are who you are. Not who you’re not.” Isn’t that something that we all could use as a rule of thumb in positive self image?!

The Land of Can | Book Review Coming Soon…

So check out my latest YouTube video as we open the mail for my peanut and shellfish allergic son. He was under the weather today, and so we are going to do a follow-up video where we ask him before and after questions, prior to and post reading the book and J.J.’s card.

Check Out J.J. & The Land of Can

Thanks J.J.! For details on The Land of Not, The Land of Can, and J.J. check out his website, The Land of Can.

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