Food Allergy Friendly Sea World
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Sea World San Diego Food Allergy Finds Volume I

It's No Disneyland, But Still Worth the Visit Okay friends, so just up front, I compare everything to Disneyland - and that's just not fair to the non-Disney, but it is what it is. Sea World is definitely something I'd recommend for everyone to at least go to once, but not more than that. Not… Continue reading Sea World San Diego Food Allergy Finds Volume I

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Bahama Bucks Shaved Ice

Ice Cream with a Peanut Allergy is Tough Ice cream is really hard for us even though we don't have a dairy allergy. My son is allergic to peanuts and shellfish. The shellfish part isn't what gets us when it comes to ice cream. It's the peanuts. There is SO much cross-contamination. We definitely don't… Continue reading Bahama Bucks Shaved Ice

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Fat Cats Restaurant Review

Our family purchases this awesome thing called a POGO Pass. It’s basically a pass that upon purchase gets you into tons of family fun establishments for anything from ice skating, bowling, and The Phoenix Zoo, to water parks, skating rinks and more! One of our favorite things to do with our POGO Pass, is go… Continue reading Fat Cats Restaurant Review

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Sonic Restaurant Review

Our family is on-the-go quite a bit. We do try to keep fresh fruit, organic pre-packaged snacks, and other healthy quick snacks packed with us. However, we follow the 80-20 rule. 80% of what we eat is pretty dang good, but a good 20% not so much. Balance is a good thing in my book.… Continue reading Sonic Restaurant Review

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Wendy’s Allergy Friendly Frosty

Memories In another post about ice cream, I discuss introducing my son to McDonalds vanilla ice cream cones. When I was a child I loved getting an ice cream cone from McDonalds, but do you know what else I loved?! My dad would take us to Wendy’s and we’d order french fries and Frosty’s, and… Continue reading Wendy’s Allergy Friendly Frosty

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McDonald’s Allergy Friendly Ice Cream

Ice Cream oh how I love you, let me count the ways... I love ice cream in all its forms, flavors... anytime, anywhere. Now, with a peanut allergy, you may not think that would not hinder the ice cream indulgences of a child. Oh but it does, especially at ice cream shops and such. Cross-Contamination… Continue reading McDonald’s Allergy Friendly Ice Cream

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Food Allergy Friendly Homeschool Pizza Party

Our Story I was never someone who thought they’d ever be a homeschooler. I thought homeschoolers exclusively wore long plaid, gingham or denim dresses, had long braids in their hair, and were socially inept. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Homeschoolers really are just like everyone else. Rewind 7 years and when my oldest… Continue reading Food Allergy Friendly Homeschool Pizza Party