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Fat Cats Restaurant Review

Our family purchases this awesome thing called a POGO Pass. It’s basically a pass that upon purchase gets you into tons of family fun establishments for anything from ice skating, bowling, and The Phoenix Zoo, to water parks, skating rinks and more!

One of our favorite things to do with our POGO Pass, is go bowling at Fat Cats. Fat Cats has locations in Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Arizona. They’ve got a bar and restaurant stand, a movie theatre, arcade, putt-putt golf, and bowling (at the Gilbert, Arizona location). 


They were super good about helping us with my son’s food allergy while ordering off their menu. The employee at the cash register even took it upon herself to go double-check the kitchen and speak with the cooks to see if they have any shellfish or peanuts on premises for cross-contamination in-house, and checked labels on their products as well. My son was able to order the cheese pizza, chicken nuggets, and french fries.

Bowling Munchies

After we had lunch, we headed to the lanes for some bowling. I don’t know about your kids, but mine are constantly hungry. I can’t tell you how many times a day I say, “um didn’t I just feed you”?! I should really just come to accept it, especially after 5 kiddo’s, this momma should know… kids graze like cattle, and are hungry. All. Day. Long. So of course we had to hit up the snack bar and get some fun food allergy finds to munch on while we bowled! We checked the popcorn, without additional butter added, and they pop it in coconut oil. My son’s go to treat at movie theaters, or anywhere they sell those theater type boxed candies, is to get the Junior Mints that have a little “no peanuts” sign on them. It’s extra reassuring isn’t it!? My girls got Sour Patch Kids, and I may or may not have stolen a handful to eat for myself.

Homeschool Activity

We love our POGO Passes, and we love Fat Cats! Fun times, fun memories, and fun food allergy finds. As if it couldn’t be any better of an experience, our local homeschool group has this as a regularly scheduled activity, and so my kids get to experience it with their peers. Now that’s a good time!

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