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Dollar Tree Allergy Friendly Halloween Candy Finds


I love all the seasons, but from October through March I LOVE IT ALL! I mean… Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, St. Patty’s Day & Easter!! One fun thing right after the other. SO! MUCH! FUN! Y’ALL!



I know you can find tons of candy at WalMart, Target, local grocery stores etc., but I always find really cute fun allergy friendly stuff for only a BUCK at Dollar Tree. Plus they always have A TON of non-food stuff too for TEAL PUMPKIN PROJECT and just awesome non-food finds in general, PLUS cute decorations and crafts.


You can find all sorts of the typical candy that is available year-round at Dollar Tree, but I’m mostly focusing on Halloween specific treats in this blog post … I’m talking Zombie Finger Lollipops and the like. Gross, spooky, and fun, BUT allergy friendly for the win! Check it out…


Candy Corn: Free from all of the Top 8 except egg & soy

Zombie Lollipop Fingers: Free from all of the Top 8

Skulls ‘n’ Bones Fruit Hard Candy: Free from all of the Top 8

3D Gummy Monsters: Free from all of the Top 8 except tree nuts – it contains coconut oil, but no mention of any other tree nuts

Halloween Candy Bracelet: Free from all of the Top 8

Bloody Bites Glow-in-the-Dark Plastic Fangs with Oozing Candy Blood Bags (Watermelon Flavored “blood”): Free from all of the Top 8

Candy Corn Flavored Cotton Candy: Free from all of the Top 8 & Sour Apple Flavored Cotton Candy: Free from all of the Top 8

Super Hero Candy Sticks: Free from all of the Top 8 and “nut free” emphasis on label

Tattoo Paw Patrol Lollipops: Free from all of the Top 8 except they are labeled for manufactured on same equipment as soy and dairy

Candy Jewelry: Free from all of the Top 8

Halloween Pops (Ghosts and Jack-o-Lanterns): Free from Top 8


Pencils, Erasers, Pens, Bubbles, Putty, Mini-Paddles, Stamps, Spider Rings, Fang Teeth, Plastic Fake Bugs, Necklaces, Plastic Fake Creatures, and more!

There are a ton of things PERFECT for the Teal Pumpkin Project! If you don’t know what the Teal Pumpkin Project is… well it’s basically amazing! By putting a teal (the color for food allergy awareness) pumpkin on your doorstep, or trunk for trunk-or-treat, it signifies that you have non-food treats available, such as the many awesome finds at Dollar Tree e.g. pencils, bubbles, putty, stamps, etc. This is a simple act that promotes inclusion for trick-or-treaters with food allergies and other conditions such as diabetes.

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I have this super cute … emphasis on CUTE … free printable I got off Pinterest, and I stuck it in an equally cute frame I got at KMart for around $10. We put it on the foyer table so that everyone that comes over during the Fall Halloween Season can see it, and it becomes a conversation piece for education, awareness and inclusion. We take it with us to Trunk-or-Treat’s and display for those with food allergies, along with our non-food items.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.58.37 AM


Lady Bug, Honey Bee, Mermaid, Princess, Ninja, Ninja Turtle, Military Guy, Unicorn and more! Costume related… Bags for candy collecting. And really, even if you aren’t there for the costumes, my kids LOVE to get so many of these little finds for play and dress-up. We got super lucky on this trip because we were actually looking for a bee costume for my daughter who is a Honey Bee in an upcoming production of Winnie the Pooh! Dollar Tree for the win!


Signs, Grave Stones, Banners, Window Stickers, Bones, Sugar Skull (think CoCo Movie for Day of the Dead AKA Dia de los Muertos), Posters, Spider Webs, Door Knob Hanging Decor, Door Hangings, Window Decals, Table Cloths, Decorating Boxes, Gift Boxes and Buckets, Giant Spiders, and so much more!


Pumpkin Mr. Potato Head type Jack-o-Lantern decorations, styrofoam pumpkins & Jack-o-Lantern tools, Eye Balls for Food Decor/Presentation, Ice Trays in Halloween Shapes can double as chocolate molds, Paper Plates, Napkins, Oven Mitts, Kitchen Towels, and more!

Fun to be a Kid!

They always have such a fun selection, and even more than the friendly fun finds that we happen upon when we visit our local Dollar Tree, I love watching my kids go crazy and throw all the things in the basket just excited about life. Today I found all sorts of cute fun things that their child hearts were excited about. Princess crowns, ninja weapons, dress-up plastic earrings, plastic dress-up bracelets, and more. It was so much fun, and they already asked multiple times when can we go back to Dollar Tree again. It sure is fun to be a kid!

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