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Kinnikinnick Graham Crackers

Peanut Free Gluten Free Graham Crackers

My son is anaphylactic to peanuts and shellfish. That has closed the door to many things, but wheat was never one of them. He could always at least enjoy a graham cracker for a snack, or a classic campout treat over the fire – s’mores anyone?!

Fibromyalgia and Gluten Intolerance

My husband, however, became gluten intolerant in 2010 after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. While his intolerance can cause him immense pain and suffering, it’s not life-threatening like my son’s allergy. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like to have a s’more with us, or have me crush them up to make a pie crust!


Enter, a family favorite for us, Kinnikinnick Graham Crackers AKA S’moreables! They don’t taste exactly like the traditional graham crackers, and their consistency is more dense. All that said, they are delicious and I love them! They are different but in a GOOD way!

I always get mine on Amazon, and order in multiple packs through Prime. You can get yours here too!

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