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Harkins Popcorn

We Love Movies!

We seriously watch at least a handful of movies as a family every single week! Mostly Disney, Pixar, and kid/family movies. We also live in the hot hot hot Arizona desert. Seriously it gets up to 120! 120! One. Hundred. AND. Twenty! Degrees! Fahrenheit!

Harkins Summer Movie Passes!

So one of our local movie theatre chains, Harkins, has these awesome Summer Movie passes where you can purchase 10 tickets for just $7! They show one “old” kids movie per week. Movies that are already on DVD but still cool and fun that kids will enjoy watching again. And let’s be honest folks, we know kids will watch a movie a million bazillion times, because as parents we usually have listened to said movie enough times in the background to repeat word for word the entire movie script!

Harkins Popcorn | Food Allergy Friendly

So I digress… These movie passes are so awesome because once a week it’s a cheap air-conditioned-get-out-of-the-house activity we can do! We know what our safe go-to candies are, and can easily read the ingredients on the box, but what about the popcorn?

This is a reminder of READ EVERY LABEL, EVERY TIME!

For many years Harkin’s popcorn used coconut oil. Then all of a sudden they must have changed suppliers, manufacturers, or something?? Because now at our last visit when I checked, it contains: popcorn seed, salt, canola oil. Free from the top 8, where as before per many allergists a tree nut allergic person would avoid it if made with coconut oil.

So remember, be safe, have fun, and DON’T HESITATE. INVESTIGATE!

Because you never know when ingredients or processes will change. It may be to your benefit, or detriment, but ALWAYS check!


I did have to ask them to find a special binder that was stored behind the counter, but they found a manager, the manager found a binder, and they were able to provide current ingredients list. Win!

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