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7-Eleven Peanut and Tree Nut Free Cookies


We celebrated National 7-Eleven day recently. Yes, it’s a thing! In fact, it’s such a huge deal that  the 7-Eleven we went to was cray-cray filled with people out the door, balloons all over the place, cups and straws out and stocked to fuel the crowd, and free Slurpee’s for all! Guess what, they are Top 8 Free to boot!!! Win!

Free Slurpee’s That Are Top 8 Free! Score!

But that is not all, no that is not all. While waiting out turn to get our fill of free Slurpee’s, we happened to see that 7-Eleven carries their own brand and version of the popular Lofthouse-type sugar cookies made in peanut and nut free facility! So there you go. You’re welcome!

Peanut Free Tree Nut Free Cookies By 7-Eleven!

They are not as good as Lofthouse, but they are good! Plus, you never know when you will need to dig in your back pocket for this card and play it. In a hurry, out of town traveling, going to a party and forgot a safe snack, have a last minute school function and need safe treat…. you know food allergy peep’s – the struggle is real! So if you find yourself in need, remember this find at 7-Eleven and then kindly ask Siri to direct you to the nearest 7-Eleven!

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