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Disney’s Acorns Gifts & Goods Food Allergy Finds Volume IX

Not a total hotel snob, but I will pretty much only stay at the Disney Grand Californian. I love it. I love everything about it! When I’m older and my kids are grown, I will still come back here and not only enjoy the amenities that are awesome for a family with 5 small children, but all the other great stuff they have! Exercise room, more of the Mandara Spa, and more!


I have had a massage at their Mandara Spa, and it was amazing! All I had hoped for and more. I love the White Water Snack shop. I even love going into the cute little Acorn Gifts & Goods gift shop!

Acorns Gifts & Goods

I stop in Acorns literally every time we are at the Grand Californian. First and foremost, because I am sure to forget something. I’ve bought my share of toothbrushes, razors and the like, from good ‘ol Acorns.

They also have adorable high end merchandise, luggage, clothing, and a small selection of pins. They have some fun cookbooks, and other cute keepsakes. They’ve even got swimsuits and goggles if you forgot yours and would like to use the pool.

As you have seen from my review of White Water Snacks, if you haven’t been able to find what you’d like at WWS, there are more snacks and treats inside Acorns! A decent little snack area with the typical chips, candy, gum and cookie selection. Even a small refrigerated section with juices, water and soda.

Disney Themed Allergy Friendly Finds

What I’m going to share today, is their food allergy friendly finds that are specific to Disneyland and that cute little guy, Mickey Mouse!

The Mickey-shaped lollipop bundle that is found around the park, can be found in this shop, the circular tie-dyed looking Mickey bundle lollipops are here, and finally Goofy’s rock candy! There isn’t a huge selection to began with, but given it’s a small hotel gift shop and there are at least a few food allergy friends that are Disney specific, I count it as a win! Cute, fun and food allergy friendly.

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