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Allergy Friendly Ice Cream Sugar Cone Thanksgiving Teepee’s

Homeschool and Thanksgiving If you're familiar with my blog, you probably know that we are a homeschooling family. We took this past week to review the history of Thanksgiving. Since I have 5 kids that are 10 and under, much of it was done reading children's story books about the history of Thanksgiving and introducing… Continue reading Allergy Friendly Ice Cream Sugar Cone Thanksgiving Teepee’s

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Gluten Free Pumpkin French Toast

Gluten Free Pumpkin French Toast Friends!!!! This is the best Pumpkin French Toast I've ever tried. We made it two ways, and you can also make this with any thick Texas Toast type bread if you are not gluten free, but Sam's Choice from WalMart brand gluten free bread seriously was amazing with this recipe.… Continue reading Gluten Free Pumpkin French Toast

Food Allergy Friendly Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie Slow Cooker Recipe, Gluten Free, Top 8 Free
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Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie

Where's My Comfort Food Lover's At?! Do you have a favorite comfort food? I have several that I grew up with that have lasted through the decades and I never tire from them. Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Biscuits and Gravy, Macaroni and Cheese, to name a few. One of my top favs though, CHICKEN POT… Continue reading Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie

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Wholly Guacamole!

Gimme All the Guac! I could eat guacamole like some people like ketchup. I like it on everything, I like to dip things in it, I just LOVE guac! Peanut Allergy Friendly Snack & Condiment My son with a peanut allergy is very picky and he doesn't like it. However, it is safe for him.… Continue reading Wholly Guacamole!

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Bahama Bucks Shaved Ice

Ice Cream with a Peanut Allergy is Tough Ice cream is really hard for us even though we don't have a dairy allergy. My son is allergic to peanuts and shellfish. The shellfish part isn't what gets us when it comes to ice cream. It's the peanuts. There is SO much cross-contamination. We definitely don't… Continue reading Bahama Bucks Shaved Ice

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We’ve Got Mail | The Land of Can | Living a Full & Positive Life with Food Allergies

We've Got Mail | Food Allergy Mail! Hello friends! Today we got some of the best mail in a very long time! My friend J.J. Vulopas, of The Land of Can, wrote a book called, The Land of Not. J.J. wrote The Land of Not, to help strengthen and empower kids with food allergies. Quite… Continue reading We’ve Got Mail | The Land of Can | Living a Full & Positive Life with Food Allergies

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FAACT Teal Halloween, Halloween

WalMart Teams Up With FAACT For a Teal Halloween

***** GIVEAWAY DETAILS BELOW ***** As a mom, especially a stay-at-home-mom that is a food allergy mom AND a homeschool mom… sometimes I just love to get away and walk the aisles of my local WalMart. No one yelling, “Mommmmm!!!”. Just me and my thoughts. I like to take my time and just mosey down […]