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Exciting New Opportunity

WebMD Food Allergies Blog: I am honored and grateful to announce that I have joined WebMD’s Personal Blog team! I will be writing about parenting children and what it’s really like caring for a child with food allergies.

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The first in this series of blog articles from WebMD Food Allergies Blog:

The Diagnosis Process of a Food Allergy and

Eating in Restaurants

I will continue to write about our journey as a food allergy family, and what we have learned along the way. Having managed my child’s food allergy through stages as a baby, toddler, preschooler, elementary, middle, and high school – I will share our journey and development through them all. Additionally, I will share how we are tackling the teen years, dating, and plans for college and adulthood. One thing that will be prominent in all my writing is factual information, and resources regarding food allergies and anaphylaxis as this platform serves the community through sounds education, awareness and support.

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Is there a special blog topic you’d like to see? I am here to serve the food allergy community, and I’d love to do just that. What do you want to know? Would you like to learn about a certain stage of life? Have you had questions about school or travel? Need recipe ideas or substitution help? Head over to the Contact section of Food Allergy P.I., and let me know: Contact Me

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