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Easy Simple Traditional Hanukkah Latkes

Traditional Hanukkah Latkes It is said that the history of latkes originated from the story of Judith. Judith was a Jewish woman revered as a heroine for beheading the Asyrrian army's General, Holofernes. The story says that Judith fed him some pancakes that were salty and cheesy, along with wine. She took action when he… Continue reading Easy Simple Traditional Hanukkah Latkes

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Vegan Gluten Free Top 9 Free Easy Allergy Friendly Banana Cream Pie

Pies are a Thanksgiving Favorite Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Sometimes it gets passed over jammed between my two more favorite holidays, Halloween and Christmas. Of course, I love being with family, along with cooking and baking in the kitchen together. However, my most favorite part of Thanksgiving is the pies! Yes, give… Continue reading Vegan Gluten Free Top 9 Free Easy Allergy Friendly Banana Cream Pie

Pizza Casserole | Allergy Friendly | Gluten Free | Egg Free | Soy & Sesame Free | Peanut & Tree Nut Free
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Pizza Casserole | Allergy Friendly

Who loves a meal that’s quick, easy, allergy-friendly & everyone in the family gobbles it up?! This is fantastic for lunches and dinners. You can even stock your refrigerator and pantry with staples for this meal to have on hand for those times when your in a jam, tired, or forgot to run to the… Continue reading Pizza Casserole | Allergy Friendly