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Halloween Candy Buyback Turn in Candy for Money

Win Win Win

We went to two trunk-or-treats, Halloween night, cleaned out our candy getting rid of all the unsafe candy to give to the Switch Witch, and we still have way too much candy.

It was so much fun to do all those things, but not just for health reasons and not eating too much sugar, we really don’t need this much candy. There is no way each child will even eat all the candy they have before it goes bad.

We have got a win-win-win situation for you, if you find yourself in the sam predicament!

Halloween Candy Buyback

Have you heard of the Halloween Candy Buyback?! It is an amazing program that helps connect families with local dentists, orthodontists, and other participating local businesses. Just go to their website to register our business as a participant, or to find a local participating business near you!

How to Participate

  1. Attend trunk-or-treat events and collect candy OR go trick-or-treating on Halloween
  2. If you have food allergies, clear out all the unsafe candy with the help of a parent
  3. Give any unsafe candy to the Switch Witch, or save it to turn in with any other unwanted extra candy
  4. Go to and enter your zipcode
  5. Find a participating dentist, orthodontist, or other local business listed as participating
  6. Take your unwanted candy to that business
  7. They will weight it and give you money in return!

Great for Kids with Food Allergies, Celiac, and Diabetes!

It’s not just kids with food allergies that have lots of unwanted or unsafe candy. Kids with celiac and diabetes also like to enjoy the festivities of Halloween, but may have lots of unsafe or unwanted candy to donate.

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What Happens to the Candy Collected by Halloween Candy Buyback Participating Dentists, Orthodontists, and Other Businesses

They turn in the candy to Halloween Candy Buyback, and they in turn donate that candy to organizations such as Operation Shoebox, and Move America Forward. It then in turn is sent to our troops in care packages!

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