Mickey & Minnie Keepsake Ornament
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Mickey & Minnie Keepsake Ornaments DIY Tutorial

Our family loves all things Disney. From Disneyland, to the TV shows, movies, clothing and merchandise. 

Mickey & Minnie Keepsake Ornament

I love making at least one ornament each year that the children help to make. I love ornaments that they can mostly make on their own, with as little assistance as possible. I also LOVE if they can decorate using their fingerprints as the images, imprints, and decorations. 

This is a simple Mickey & Minnie DIY Keepsake Ornament that your family is sure to cherish through the years! We have a family tradition where the children not only make an ornament as much as possible, but every single year without fail, we buy them a Hallmark ornament. When they move out on their own, they can take their collection with them to start their new family. 

Mickey & Minnie Keepsake Ornament


Clear plastic ornaments


Red acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

White acrylic paint

Foam tip paint brushes

Paper plates

Paper cups

Optional red ribbon with white polk-a-dots

Hooks for ornaments to hang from trees

First, what you will do for your Mickey & Minnie ornaments, is purchase as many clear plastic ornaments as needed per child. I got mine at WalMart in the craft area for just $0.98 each! I love that they are plastic, because they will be more durable and hopefully last through the years. My kids love to hold and look at their ornaments. 

Next get a small bottle of red, black and white acrylic paint. I also get this at WalMart, you can get small bottles for under $0.50 a piece! 

You will need one rubberband per ornament. Just place the rubberband around the mid-section of each ornament to help create a line for painting. Remove the silver top that a hook will attach to later, and set it aside. 

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Next, have a paper cup for each ornament. I used small 12 oz cups that were big enough to hold the ornament without tipping over, yet small enough that the ornament didn’t fall inside the cup. 

I like to use the small foam tip brushes, that once again, I always find at WalMart in their craft area. Pour a small amount of black paint on a paper plate, and paint the top half of the ornament. Set the unpainted side into the cup to allow drying. 

Wait about 15-20 minutes, and once dry, remove from cup. Remove the rubberband and discard. Next paint the bottom half red. This time place the dry black side into the cup to allow the red to dry. 

15-20 minutes later, once the red paint is dry, pour a little white paint onto a paper plate and using a fingertip, do the following:

For Mickey, place two white fingerprints just below the mid-section on the red paint about an inch apart, for his pant buttons. Place black side down into cup to allow fingerprints to dry. 

Mickey & Minnie Keepsake Ornament

For Minnie, place white fingerprint “dots” randomly around the red half of the ornament to signify her red and white polka-dot skirts. Place black side down into cup to allow fingerprints to dry. 

Mickey & Minnie Keepsake Ornament

Finally, once all is dry you can replace the silver top, and for Minnie as a finishing touch you can tie a small red and white polk-a-dot ribbon. 

Mickey & Minnie Keepsake Ornament

This is optional, but you can write the child’s name or initials and the year on the bottom of the ornament before adding a hook and placing on your tree. We did this with a fine point black Sharpie. 

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Mickey & Minnie Keepsake Ornament

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