Zac Brown's Remedy Bakeshop Allergy Friendly Cookie #ad #gift
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Zac Brown’s Remedy Bakeshop | Allergy Friendly Cookies

Friends!!!! I’m SO excited to share these cookies with you! I have several brands that are super yummy, but my FAVORITE, are Zac Brown’s Remedy Bakeshop cookies, and in particular the Oatmeal Cranberry! 

Plus, they’re giving my fans 20% off online orders,, just use code: FOODALLERGYPI at checkout.

Zac Brown's Remedy Bakeshop Allergy Friendly Cookie #ad #gift

I have tried a ton of cookies in the past 10-ish years of living the food allergy lifestyle. Some people prefer a crisp crunchy cookie. While that is all fine and well and I enjoy those too, my absolute hands down favorite is a thick, large, soft, chewy cookie! 

The true test was with my husband. He is THE pickiest eater I have ever met in my entire life. For real friends. It’s where my picky son gets his pickiness (is that a word?!) from! He is gluten free due to fibromyalgia, and he likes lots of gluten free cookies, BUT this one he said was his favorite and didn’t even taste like a gluten free or allergy friendly cookie! 

Check out my YouTube video unboxing and reaction from the kids! My son loves them so much he claimed the entire box of Snickerdoodles as his! 

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