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How We Handle Siblings of Kids with Food Allergies

Food Allergy P.I. Q&A

I was recently asked on Instagram, “Do you let your child’s siblings have your food allergic child’s allergen”? I also had a follow-up question from another reader asking if my oldest and only child with a food allergy, ever feels sad or left out when his siblings have things that he cannot have, and how have I guided him through this.


This is such a great question, and I elaborate in this YouTube vlog, check it out!

Food Allergy P.I. Vlog on YouTube

As I mention in the vlog, there is no one way to handle food allergies, there are many safe options and paths. I enjoy learning and getting ideas from other food allergy families, and hope that you might learn something that you can use in your family, from us sharing our journey with you!

How do you handle it in your family? Do you have any questions about how or why we handle it the way we do? Comment below!

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