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Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Mini Monsters

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

So when I was originally thinking of doing these, I was going to use my tried and true SunButter truffle recipe. However, I wanted to change it up a bit, and make them a little more semi-homemade, quick and easy.

Semi-Homemade with a Food Allergy Friendly Product

So I have fallen in love with Made Good Foods granola bars and their granola mini’s. The granola mini’s are perfect for covering in chocolate and then sticking on a couple edible candy eyes for a super adorable mini monster effect!

Made Good Foods

So, here’s the thing I love about Made Good Foods bars and mini’s, my son that is peanut and shellfish allergic already has limited diet to do his allergen. In regards to what is available and safe for him. Additionally, he is an extremely picky eater and it has always been a life long struggle to get him to eat any fruits and vegetables. So when I saw that these granola bars and mini’s were not only allergy friendly, but also had servings of veggie’s in them… I mean!!!!!! Yassssss! His personal fav’s are the chocolate chip, but he has tried all their flavors and says they are all delicious.

Gluten Free, Vegan & Top 8 Free | Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Fin Fish Free, Shellfish Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free

These seriously are super quick, and a big hit! If you are looking for a vegan dairy free version, be sure to grab your favorite go-to vegan white chocolate such as No Whey’s Milkless Polar White. You can get them directly from No Whey online, also available on Amazon.

Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Mini Monsters

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Dip & Set 15 minutes
Author Food Allergy P.I.


  1. Using a double boiler or microwave, melt the chocolate until stirred smooth. If using Candy Quick, heat for 30 second intervals, stirring after each interval. 

    Remove the mini granola bites from their package, and dip each one individually into the melted chocolate. 

    To dip the bites it is best to gently lay each bite in the chocolate rather than trying to roll it around. Then, using a fork, gently pick up chocolate and pour it over the bite until covered. Life the bite out of the bowl with a fork, and gently tap the fork on the edge of the bowl allowing the excess chocolate to fall between the prongs. Set the bite on wax paper covered cookie sheet, and use a second fork to slide the bite from the first fork onto the sheet. Immediately press the candy eye balls, two per monster, into the chocolate before it sets. You can play around and have some monsters with 1 eyes, or even 3! Repeat until all the bites are used. 

    Once you have dipped all your bites, they may set at room temperature if using Candy Quick, but you can place in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to help them set. Store at room temperature. 

Recipe Notes

To help create a better consistency with an alternate chocolate, add 1 tsp oil to the chocolate during melting process. 

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