Food Allergy Friendly
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Allergy Friendly Fortune Cookies

We have some hard and fast strict rules in our house for handling our son's anaphylactic peanut and shellfish allergy. I do want to note that I'm a huge proponent of supporting fellow allergy friends in how they choose to live safely in their world. We are pretty strict in some ways, but that works… Continue reading Allergy Friendly Fortune Cookies

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Twix Cookie Bars

Chocolate Candy Cross Contamination With a peanut allergy, there are lots of friendly options, BUT it usually doesn't include any of the chocolate-related variety. Luckily, we have been able to finagle our way to acquiring Canadian Kit Kats that not only are peanut allergy friendly, but emphasize it with the little no peanut sign on… Continue reading Twix Cookie Bars

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Sixlets Cookies

My son is anaphylactic to peanuts and shellfish. One of the most classic popular candies are M&M's. We have strictly had him avoid M&M's (yes even the plain ones), due to cross-contamination concerns. M&M candies look so cute and fun in cookies! My son sees cookies with M&M's in them, and there's just something about… Continue reading Sixlets Cookies