Roughly 90% of All Food Allergies Are Comprised of the Top 9 | Food Allergy Awareness

Do you or someone you know have any of the Top 9 allergies? Do you manage allergies outside of the Top 9? #foodallergyawareness

Roughly 90% of all food allergies consists of what are known as the Top 9: wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, peanut, tree nuts, fin fish & shellfish.

Due to this and the 32 Million Americans with food allergies, that’s 1 in 4 Americans who avoid purchasing products with these ingredients.

We are a family 7, and because of my oldest sons peanut and shellfish allergy, we avoid products with those allergens as well as products with cross-contamination for those allergens, for all 7 people in our household.

Everyone handles household allergy care differently, and for us we have always wanted our son to have his home be a sanctuary of safety. A place he doesn’t have to be on high alert. We still practice reading every label, every time, at home & have epinephrine available at home and on-the-go. Practicing avoidance and other safety measures are always maintained as a precaution.


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