Food Allergy Awareness Month | Our Story

Did you know? Food allergy is a serious potentially life-threatening condition affecting 32 Million Americans.
1 in 10 adults.
1 in 13 children.

My oldest child was diagnosed with a deadly allergy to peanut when he was just 1-year-old.

He had his first reaction when he was just 8-months-old, but at the time we didn’t realize the severity. We were new first time parents and didn’t know anyone with food allergies. We had given him a nibble of a Scotcharoo (Rice Krispie Treat with peanut butter in it). He broke out in hives. We called the triage nurse at our local hospital and she said just keep an eye on him and maybe consider taking him to an allergist as he may have a peanut allergy.

Fast forward about 6 months I decided to give him his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The nurse we had talked to after his initial reaction made it seem so harmless and a non-issue, I had no idea the danger that awaited my son.

Just the tiniest bit of peanut butter touched his little lips and he began to scream and cry and used his small hands to try to remove it from his face, only to smear it into his mouth and eyes. I quickly turned to the sink and wet a paper towel to help him wipe it off, but in that :30 when I returned to wipe his face he was unrecognizable and face swollen.

No shoes, no purse… I grabbed him, jumped in the car and raced to the nearby Emergency Room. I carried him in and simply said, “I gave him peanut butter”. A group of nurses quickly swooped into action, giving him steroids, epinephrine and antihistamine via injection.

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I called my husband at work and he and my father-in-law arrived to give our son a blessing that he would be okay and his body would overcome this reaction.

It was nearly a week before the swelling went down and we could see his beautiful face.

During that week I began researching anything and everything I could to make sure I was strengthened with as much knowledge as possible, but also so that I could ensure that I would be able to now protect my sweet baby boy.

When food can kill, it changes your entire outlook on every aspect of life.

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