Upcycled Baby Food Jar Potted Gardens #BeechNutPartner #RealFoodForBabies #MommyParties #ad
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Upcycled Baby Food Jar Potted Gardens DIY Kid Craft

Hello friends! I have the absolute cutest DIY kid craft for you. It’s also perfect and just in time for Spring.

Upcycled Baby Food Jar Potted Gardens #BeechNutPartner #RealFoodForBabies #MommyParties #ad

I hosted a Beech-NutⓇ Naturals™ get together in my home, and it was so much fun! Beech-NutⓇ Naturals™ sent us a ton of complementary product, coupons, recipe cards, baby food jar koozies, and more!

I have personally used Beech-NutⓇ Naturals™ for my own children, and wanted to share that with other parents, as well as just enjoy some adult time while our kids played.

As a food allergy mom, I love that the ingredients are simple, inspired by homemade, and the website has great allergy information. It’s made with real fruits and vegetables, just like you would use at home. Only ingredients a baby could pronounce. Organic options are available and it’s 100% natural, nothing artificial.

We played BINGO, tasted the different varieties of flavors, had lots of goodies for the mom’s to stuff in their goodie bags, and we even upcycled the baby food jars from the taste testing, and potted baby food jar gardens!

Upcycled Baby Food Jar Potted Gardens #BeechNutPartner #RealFoodForBabies #MommyParties #ad

The upcycled baby food jar potted gardens were the hit of the party. Even the littlest of babies there, with moms assistance, pushed their little seeds into the soil. It was absolutely adorable!

Upcycled Baby Food Jar Potted Gardens #BeechNutPartner #RealFoodForBabies #MommyParties #ad

We watered our seeds and in just a week, we had the cucumber sprouting, followed by the carrots, and then the cilantro. We are still waiting for the daisy’s to sprout. My kids love coming into our laundry room where the jars are set on a shelf near the window, and seeing the progress and growth of their garden each day.

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Upcycled Baby Food Jar Potted Gardens #BeechNutPartner #RealFoodForBabies #MommyParties #ad

Upcycled Baby Food Jar Potted Gardens DIY Kid Craft


Baby food jars, rinsed and dried

Soil or dirt from the store or your yard

Seeds from packets or rinsed and dried out from fruit and veggies in your home

Popsicle sticks & markers (optional) to mark your gardens


After our taste testing, we rinsed the baby food jars and dried them out. They don’t need to be perfectly dry, as you will be adding water to your gardens once the seeds are planted anyways.

Next, we used spoons to fill the baby food jars with gardening soil. You can use your hands just as well.

Finally, you have a couple options for seeds. You can save seeds from the very fruits and veggies you are currently eating in your home. For example, just pull the seeds from bell peppers, watermelons, or other produce. Rinse them in your sink and set them out to dry. Then you can use those! Alternately, you can use any seeds from store bought packets. This time of year you can find seeds at WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, and even The Dollar Tree!

I set the seeds out on the table and let the children pick them up and gently push them into the soil. You don’t want them to go more than about 1/4″ into the soil, so they don’t need to push to hard. Then just make sure any uncovered seeds are covered with a little soil.

Now, add just enough water to soak into the soil. You can check your garden daily to see if it needs more water. A little trick to see if you need to water or not, is to gently touch the top of the soil with your finger. If the soil does NOT stick to your finger, you need to water it. If the soil does stick, you can hold off on watering and check again the next day.

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Be sure to set your garden near a window that has good sunlight.

An optional activity, is to allow your children to decorate popsicle sticks to label your gardens. This can be as simple as writing the name of the seed on the stick as you can see in our jars. If you have some older children, or children that would enjoy it, you could let them really get into decorating their popsicle sticks.

Once your plants have shown that they have outgrown the jars, you can transfer them to an outdoor plant pot, or an in-ground garden.

Upcycled Baby Food Jar Potted Gardens #BeechNutPartner #RealFoodForBabies #MommyParties #ad

15 thoughts on “Upcycled Baby Food Jar Potted Gardens DIY Kid Craft”

  1. I really love the idea of having your own herb garden, plus it is so nice to get the kids involved . What a great idea with the jars.

  2. Oh my goodnes…that´s lovely! I´m studenly inspired to ditch my PC and office and get down with my garden pots 🙂 and I´ve so many jars piled up in my storage !!!

  3. Love this, I had a little brother and this is a great DIY project – thanks for sharing! (:

    Ashlee | ashleemoyo.com

  4. I love doing fun projects with my kids. We actually started growing some herbs last year and they were super excited to see their plants grow. Everyone took turns watering and everybody checked on them daily. It was fun to watch them so excited.

  5. What a wonderful idea! I should do this with all my Oui yogurt jars. They’re so cute and I’ve been saving them, wondering what to do with them. Now I have an idea, thanks to you 🙂

  6. My rooomate has started this ‘no plastic life’ thing, and now we have all sorts of pots and jars around the house with plants growing in them. No matter what age you are, this is a great project to get behind.

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