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How to Throw a Super Mario Bros Mario Kart Birthday Party & DIY Mario Pixel Cupcake Cake

My 5-year-old, just turned 6-years-old! She is a rough and tumble girl. She loves her girly things, but she also loves “tomboy” stuff. So when I asked her what she would like as the theme for her birthday party, she chose Mario Kart!

Check out my YouTube video in this post, or on my channel to see all the details from the day.

Below I have name brands for the cake ingredients, and links to things we had on hand that day. 

If you are looking for tires like the ones we had in our backyard for the Mario Kart course, just contact some of your local car dealerships and ask if you can pick up any old tires from their parts department. 

Below you will find all the details on the party, food, cake and box cars for kids!


Tablecloths with SMB design

SMB necklaces/awards/medals for Mario Kart course

Moustaches for dressing like Mario & Luigi

Foil hanging SMB decorations

SMB party invitations

Mario pinata

Allergy Friendly Pinata Candy Peanut & Gluten Free

Super Mario Bro Mario Kart plates, cups & more


Top 8 Free Cake Mix: King Arthur Gluten Free Cake Mix Just sub your dairy free alternative vegan butter such as Earth Balance. For the eggs substitute 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce plus 1 whole banana, mashed. Sub your go to non-dairy milk such as Silk Almondmilk. 

For Top 8 Free icing, I used Betty Crocker Icing, and coordinating Betty Crocker Icing Tips 

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I did have to use a jar of vanilla and chocolate to get the brown hair color, and the skin color. Did you know Betty Crocker Vanilla and Betty Crocker Chocolate jars of frosting are top 8 free?!! Always read every label, every time as ingredients can change. They were labeled for potential cross-contamination with milk. 

I baked 144 mini cupcakes, and had the following quantities:

38 red (3 tubes of Betty Crocker Icing)

24 brown (1 tub of Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate)

42 skin color (1 tub of Betty Crocker Vanilla, with 1/4 C Milk Chocolate mixed in, plus 1 drop of red food coloring)

7 black (1 tubes of Betty Crocker Icing)

2 yellow (1 tubes of Betty Crocker Icing)

31 blue (3 tubes of Betty Crocker Icing)

Then just follow the same layout we used pictured above, like a grid. We did have one blue mini cupcake short on the overall suspenders. It was lost in the process somehow, but those numbers above should be the correct ones. Double check and let me know what you think in the comments. I counted so many times, I can’t count anymore – ha!


This was super simple. We gathered several medium sized boxes, folded in the flaps, and used lots of duct tape to hold them down as well as adhere the decorations. 

We had red, yellow, blue, black, white and silver 7″ plates for wheels, and for steering wheels. 

I bought yellow jumbo cupcake liners for headlights. 

The straps (polyprolene webbing 1 1/4″) were slipped through holes from an electric screwdriver. 

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