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Food Allergy Friendly Buttered Noodles

Simply wonderful and amazing. Buttered noodles. Sometimes some of the most simple things, are the best things.

Picky Eaters

My kids are super picky. One of the first “meals” I was able to make for our entire family, that everyone would eat… buttered noodles to the rescue! If anyone wanted to add Alfredo or marinara they could. Prefer it with Parmesan? Great add it to your bowl!

Salted Butter Makes Everything Better

What’s also awesome about this, is that because I add the butter to the entire pot of noodles, I swear it makes all versions of the noodles taste better! So for example, I’m a marinara girl and my husband alfredo… the salted butter brings out the flavor and they both taste better!

Simplicity At It’s Best

So simple. Just prepare your fav gluten-free, or otherwise allergy friendly noodles. We love Barilla. Drain noodles after cooking to package directions. For every box or standard size package of noodles prepared, add one stick (8 tablespoons) of SALTED butter to the pan the noodles were cooked in. The residual heat will help melt the butter into the noodles, although you can turn the burner on low to help it out if needed. Stir til melted. You’re welcome!

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