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Summer Food Allergy Friendly Finds Volume III

As I sit here and write this, it’s the hottest day of summer so far and 111 degrees! Yikes! Living in the Arizona desert, especially if you don’t have a pool – ya gotta find some cool summer treats that are food allergy friendly!

We like to switch it up so that the kids don’t get “bored” with what’s on stock in our freezer. Plus, it’s really just fun to try new finds!

Ice Cream and Frozen Fruit Treats

At our last grocery haul, we grabbed some fun push up style pops, Italian ice, and orange dream bars, chocolate bars and I got some “diet bars” for myself: Magnum Double Chocolate Bars, Carb Smart Chocolate Bars, Whole Fruit Organic Apple Cherry and Apple Blueberry; Whole Fruit Organic Apple Grape and Apple Strawberry; Luigi’s Real Italian Ice; and Blue Bunny Orange Dream Bars.

You can click on any pictured ingredient label and see the full size photo to investigate these for your allergy situation.

Magnum Double chocolate contain milk, soy and coconut.

Both Whole Fruit Organics are top 8 free, as are Luigi’s Real Italian Ice.

The Blue Bunny Orange Bars contain milk, and are labeled for May contain peanuts and tree nuts.

Finally, the Carb Smart Bars contain milk of the top 8.

Carb Smart & Atkins

Yes, I even included my Carb Smart chocolate bars. My son doesn’t eat the carb bars, but when I do Atkins I eat them, but I included these in case you want to know if they are “safe” to have in your freezer should your child “accidentally eat them”, or if you are an adult with peanut or other allergy and doing Atkins. Now you’ll know what’s in them!

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Peanut Allergy Safe VS “May Contains” for Non-Allergic Siblings

The Magnum Double Chocolate, Organic Whole Fruit push ups and Luigi’s Real Italian Ice were safe for my peanut allergic son, but the Blue Bunny orangesicles were not. We do get the Blue Bunny for our girls, and my son knows that they are not safe for him. He’s 10, and we feel he is developmentally ready to have some things around that are “may contains” that his siblings can have, even though he needs to avoid them. When he was younger, and not able to read on his own or make his own decisions (be his own self-advocate), we didn’t have anything even may-contains. Do what feels good to you and your situation. This is what feels good for us.

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