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Downtown Disney’s Marceline’s Confectionery Food Allergy Friendly Finds Volume VII

A whimsical atmosphere awaits inside this super cute sweet shop in downtown Disney, Marceline’s Confectionery. What could ever be wrong with handmade candies and baked goods? Practically everything if you’ve got life-threatening food allergies, BUT WAIT! Don’t just walk by!! Give it a chance. I’ll tell you why.


So this shop is straight out of a movie. It’s so stinkin’ adorable! For my son with food allergies any type of candy or baked good that comes from Disneyland is typically cross-contaminated (think Pooh Corner, or looking through the glass of the Main Street Confectionery watching treats created). So we don’t even bother.

Do What Works For You

However, my girls and I love to get a special treat (Tigger Tail anyone?). How will that work if my son and husband can’t have anything at all. That’s rude and not a whole lot of fun. Right?! So what do ya do?

Well, in our family we let those without allergies get whatever treat they’d like, but we don’t personally get anything with actual peanuts. We also don’t let our other kids get anything with peanuts. We do allow the non-allergic kids to eat may contains.

Could we allow them to eat my sons allergies, and it’d be safe, sure. However, I’ve got 5 kids and they do sometimes grab the wrong drink, toothbrush etc. So for my own peace of mind, sanity, and helping keep my son safe, that’s a rule we choose to follow. It works for us.

Seek & Ye Shall Find

So that’s all fine and well, but what does my son get? My husband has an intolerance and not to minimize an intolerance, but it is quite different than a life and death situation. So for my son we have come to “shop the walls” of these confectioneries.

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What’s the walls got to do with this? Oooooh let me tell you! They’ve got all sorts of fun options that often times are allergy friendly!!

At Marceline’s Confectionery we found Mickey Dipped Chocolate Shortbread Rounds, Minnie’s Sweets Cherry Candy Hearts, Star Wars Cotton Candy, two flavors of Snacks with Characters (Lemon Burst and Chocolate Chip Cookies), and a small freezer with some of the frozen food allergy friendly treats mentioned in a previous Disney’s Food Allergy Friendly Finds Volume.

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