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NIMA Peanut Sensor Unboxing & Review

I was recently contacted by NIMA Peanut Sensor to see if I’d like to receive a complimentary device to try out and see how I like it!

I have to say ever since I saw the first press releases about this device, I was very unsure about it’s use. The first thing that popped into my mind was that, “Sure that’s great it tests a small portion, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the dish is safe”.

NIMA Peanut Sensor

Next, I was highly annoyed by well-meaning family and friends that would consistently share this to my social media saying hey look, isn’t this fantastic, now you don’t every have to worry about a reaction. Face palm! No that’s not what it means, well-meaning family and friends!!

Nevertheless, when I received this contact, I thought, you know what?! I want to try this out and see what it is all about. I will either confirm my reaction, or not. I didn’t have anything to lose just by trying it out for myself.

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised! On the packaging as you will see in my unboxing video, the NIMA Peanut Sensor clearly states my first concern directly on the box! They also clearly state all of my other concerns such as the fact that this device is NOT intended to change the way that you read labels, NOT intended to change your care routine, NOT to change your guidelines and rules for being safe, and is merely to serve as an ADDED level of safety and checking AFTER you’ve exhausted your existing precautions. It’s PEACE OF MIND! Now, I can feel better about that!

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I reached out to a fellow food allergy mother who also is a licensed clinical professional counselor, LCPC, Tamara Hubbard, regarding this device for use as simply for extra peace of mind, and here’s what she had to say, “Unfortunately, there’s a lot of uncertainty when dealing with food allergies, which often leads to elevated levels of anxiety and fear. Knowledge, safety routines and continued practice can help combat or balance those overwhelming emotions. A device that helps detect allergens could potentially serve as a great tool to help people feel more in control with their food allergies. While I would strongly advise people continue to take the standard food allergy precautions – reading labels, talking to restaurant staff, making sure to have their epi-pens – a device such as this may add an extra layer of confidence for some”. Tamara hasn’t had a chance to try out the device firsthand at the time of this publication.

So, once I read the packaging which emphasized this line of thinking as the intention for its use, I really was more open to using it, but still unsure if this little bit of technology really would work. They sent a bag of Enjoy Life Plentil chips to test (top 8 free and dedicated facility), as well as Keebler Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers. I have to say as a side note, I really appreciated that they had the Keebler safely wrapped up in a sandwich type bag so not to accidentally leak in shipping and upon opening.

As you will see in the video, the device has a handy app, and in the testing of both the chips and the crackers, the test proved accurate! It was also easy to use, came with a carrying case, and was actually very user-friendly.

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Now, I will say that it does require new test capsules each time it is used. You can purchase the device at for $289.00, for a NIMA Peanut Sensor Starter Kit, which includes a dozen test capsules. You will need to purchase additional capsules which are $72 per dozen. This is not a “cheap” device. However, as NIMA has stated clearly on all of their packaging, it is not intended for use on every item that an allergic individual(s) consumes food. This is something to be used on rare occasions or unfamiliar occasions as an added safety guard and/or additional peace of mind such as dining out at restaurants, and vacationing or traveling.

I hope you will follow along to learn more about this device, and if it is a fit for your family. We have an upcoming Disneyland trip, and I will be covering our use of it at the parks! I also plan to use it on our trip to NYC and on a Disney Cruise later this year as well.

NIMA Peanut Sensor

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