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Disney’s Food Allergy Finds Volume III

In Volume I, I uncovered some of the healthy friendly finds, BUT now it’s time for your favorite and mine… perhaps THE happiest friendly junk food find in all of Disneyland… Drumroll…


Did Someone Say Churro’s?

CHURROS! ChUrRo’S! CHURROS! And, more churro’s! I had originally planned on lumping this find in with some other fun friendly junk food finds, but Disney churro’s are the best in all the land and my son literally eats them from sun up til sun down when we go to Disneyland.

There are some spots that for many years churros stands seem to be permanent fixtures, but they can and do move from time to time, however you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be one nearby no matter what part of the park you are in!

The Details

I’ve mentioned this before in my other Disney reviews, ask and you shall receive. Not sure if this find is safe for you just hop in line and ask the cast member if you can take a quick peek at the box ingredient label. For the past many years they have gotten their churros from Tio Pepe by J&J Snack Foods, and they contain wheat, milk, egg and soy from the Top 8. They are not labeled for cross-contamination. Seriously, it’s that easy! Pop in line, ask the cast member to see the label, and if it presents friendly for you, order up a churro or TWO!

If you’ve never been to Disneyland, or had one of their Churro’s, if it’s a safe find for you, make sure you get one on your visit because for my son Churro’s ARE Disneyland ha!!!

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