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Bathroom Holiday Décor & Guest Basket DIY Tutorial

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I have been the guest in many homes over the years, and stayed at plenty of hotels. One of my biggest pet peeves is going somewhere, using the restroom, and lo and behold they are out of toilet paper! Eeeek! So, in my home I always keep a fully stocked toilet paper supply.

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Anyone who has ever traveled also knows that even if we make a list, check it twice, and recheck it for good measure, we always forget at least one thing. Whether it be a toothbrush, shampoo, or some other hygiene related item.

I love to have a ton of extra hygiene items stocked in my guest bathroom for unexpected and planned guests. I literally find joy in making my guests feel at home, in my home! It’s how I show them love. That and feeding them. Just like my grandma did for all her guests. Leave them with a full belly and wanting to come back and visit again!

Now, all that said, being the mother of a peanut and shellfish allergic child, as well as the wife of a husband that has fibromyalgia and related gluten intolerance, I am super cognizant of food allergies, and making sure that items in my home are not only peanut, shellfish and gluten free, but oftentimes I also try to shoot for top 8 so that should we have a guest with allergens we were unaware of, we just may have something safe for them too!

Most of our guests happen to come during the winter months, and so I like to incorporate my hosting into my holiday bathroom decor. My first stop was Family Dollar, where I literally purchased everything that you are about to see in this DIY tutorial! The only thing I didn’t get there was the galvanized bucket that I already had in my pantry, and use throughout the year for multiple purposes, and the cellophane that you can pick up at most drug stores, craft stores or online.

Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper Guest Bathroom Holiday Decor & Guest Basket Tutorial #UnbeatableComfort #ad

The biggest thing for me is to make sure that they have plenty of toilet paper during their stay, so I made sure to grab Scott® ComfortPlus™ Toilet Paper – 12 CT Big Roll. Scott ComfortPlus is the new Scott Extra Soft.

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If you used to purchase Scott Extra Soft, Scott ComfortPlus is the new and improved version. It’s 3X stronger for Unbeatable Comfort! Plus, there’s a circular offer for Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper 12 CT Big Roll at $4.00 at Family Dollar (Regular retail price is $5). #UnbeatableComfort #KeepLifeRolling

We all know we’ve gone somewhere and used toilet paper that doesn’t get the job done, if you know what I mean! No one wants that!! I’m a toilet paper snob and love soft, strong, thick, absorbent and clog-free toilet paper! So I had to be sure to include Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper in my guest basket.

You can use the Family Dollar store finder, to find a store near you and take advantage of this great deal on Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper: Family Dollar Store Finder:

Next, I grabbed this super soft holiday colored blanket that matches my holiday decor so that when they are done with their stay, I can wash it, and it will double as a family room holiday blanket throw on my couch! While they stay, they will be able to bundle up should they get a little chilly. You don’t want your guests to be cold!


We keep several towels stocked in the bathroom, but I wanted to make sure they for sure had at least one extra wash cloth, hand towel, and bath towel that matched the holiday decor. You can go with whatever your holiday colors are. I have mostly red and white in my home for Christmas.

Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper Guest Bathroom Holiday Decor & Guest Basket Tutorial #UnbeatableComfort #ad

Next I grabbed several basic hygiene items that my guests might forget for their trip to our home: toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, feminine hygiene products (tampons and panty liners), chapstick, body and hand lotion and tissues. I placed all of these on a large rectangle of cellophane, wrapped tight with a pretty red ribbon to keep with the theme of red and white, and then placed them in the galvanized bucket.

When trimming the cellophane, I prefer to go at least the length of my entire hand from the point where the ribbon is tied, and then I cut the cellophane in an arch.

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Just like the hotels, but better, I bundled up shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, bar soap, and deodorant. Again, I measured the height of my full hand and cut in an arch a few inches above that point. I also tried as much as possible not only to select hygiene products that were top 8 free, but also a shade of red to keep with my theme.

For my final bundle, I picked up a pad of paper, pens, a holiday themed word search and a couple decks of playing cards. Sometimes when I am the guest in someone’s home it’s nice to have a pen and paper to write a list, leave a note, write a letter home, or keep score in a game of cards. The word search and the cards are a nice touch to help your guest have something to do in the event they want to retreat to their guest room and have a little something to do. Again, for these I tried to select items available that kept with my red and white theme. For wrapping these up in cellophane I found it easiest to lay them flat, and then wrap laying down as opposed to vertical like the previous bundles.

Now that I had my blanket and towels rolled into cute bundles, I added the toilet paper, a tub of red and white top 8 free soft mints, and my guest bundles wrapped cute in cellophane and ribbon. For a finishing touch to make it look festive I got a large roll of red mesh ribbon and tied a big bow around the galvanized bucket. Voila!


I love to pair the guest basket with a stand alone holiday decoration to really set it apart, and set the stage for this to be a holiday decor item doubling as not only fashionable but functional as well! So when I found this adorable little lantern with battery operated candle at Family Dollar, I knew I had to get it! What I also really loved about this lantern, is that they can leave it on as night, and it will double as a night light to find their way to the bathroom!

Next was to rearrange my boys bathroom to incorporate this holiday guest decor and basket. I wanted my guests to see it as the first thing upon entering the bathroom, so I moved the existing picture and light tower from their nautical themed bathroom, and set them on the opposite end.

Next, I simply placed the holiday guest basket and the lantern in the corner of the counter for use by our guests! It’s that easy!

Now you’re probably wondering, how will the guests know if they are to take the entire basket as if it’s a “gift” or where that line exists between gift and leave behind. You can write a simple little note to your guests especially if you will not be there upon their arrival. However, I like to take them on a tour of my home so that they know where every room is, how to work the TV’s, and where to find all the food and more! When I take them to the bedroom and bathroom they will be using, I let them know that I have put a bunch of goodies for them to use during their stay, in this galvanized basket. I let them know that anything in cellophane that they use is theirs to keep, and that when they pack up to leave if they just put the towels and blanket on the bed I will take them and launder them with the sheets.

And there you have it! Super simple DIY holiday bathroom decor and guest basket with your holiday visitors, and their potential allergies in mind. For those of us with food allergies, we know that even though they are called “food allergies”, we have to read the ingredients on all products including our hygiene items!

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I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season whatever holidays you are celebrating! There are so many more items you could consider putting in your holiday decor guest basket such as bottled water, and more. Comment below and let me know what you’d most like to have in a guest basket during your stay somewhere, or what you would put in yours as the host(ess).

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