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Lip Smackers Disney & Marvel Lip Balm

Ooooh Something New?! Is It Safe For Me?

It is so exciting to find FUN stuff! Especially when you’ve got a food allergy. Oftentimes it seems like all the “cool” stuff is off-limits. Whether it be a bakery item, buffet, homemade goodies from a well meaning neighbor or a birthday party treat. So when we find something that is SAFE, we jump for joy and indulge!

Lip Smackers Disney & Marvel Lip Balm

This is what happened when I was with my daughter at our local Fry’s grocery store (Kroger chain). We were grabbing a quick bite to eat at the deli, and then made our way over to the baby aisle which in this store is shared with cosmetics aisle. We grabbed our baby wipes that I needed, and on the way toward the cashier we were stopped dead in our tracks. The CUTEST Lip Smackers Disney and Marvel lip balms that you ever did see!

Anticipation … Can I Embrace It?! Will This Be A Find Or Another To Add To My Off Limits List?

My daughter that has no allergies eagerly began digging through her options free to choose anything she wanted without a second thought about allergies. I love all my children, BUT when I am looking at items and situations I always think about my son’s peanut and shellfish allergy first and foremost. My other children can be innocent and carefree and not worry about it, although they are considerate about their brother’s allergy.

Me, however, I dove in to check-out the ingredient label to see if I could even embrace the excitement. You food allergy people get me… feel excitement, stifle it, investigate to see if can embrace….hold breath…. and …  SCORE! Contains wheat, soy and sesame (I’m sorry to those with those allergies because I know the feeling). So I embraced it! It’s a glorious! In fact, because we sacrifice in the name of life, literally, I do think that we have greater appreciation and joy when we do find fun safe things! So while we may have lower lows it seems at times, we have higher highs – that’s my feeling anyways!

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Yay!! It’s Safe For My Son! Let The Happy Dance Ensue

So without further ado, I introduce to you peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, egg free  cuteness overload! They have a ton to collect, but this was what we found on our trip. We do plan on hitting some other locations to see what other characters in the line we can find. If this is not a safe find for you, be sure to check out CVS drug store because they have a top 8 free GINORMOUS selection of super cute Pucker Pops by Claire’s Boutique!

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  1. Aren’t they so much fun! Thank you –
    Me too (safe for my kids)! It’s always so much fun when we find something that’s safe.

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