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Food Allergy Friendly Probiotics

Family Doctor

We go to a pretty natural family doctor. They support all parts of the spectrum when it comes to vaccination, and healthcare in general. I love that they always try to take a natural approach to my family’s health.

Top 3

That said, I asked the physician’s assistant if she were to recommend supplements, what would she recommend. She said in her opinion she would recommend that every take an Omega 3, Vitamin D and a Probiotic.

Allergy Friendly Children’s Probiotic

I haven’t found an Omega 3 and Vitamin D that I love for my children yet, so I give them a multi-vitamin, but I have found a probiotic that we love and is allergy friendly for our families needs. It’s Ultimate Flora by Renew Life.

I find it on Amazon. It’s sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and nut free! It’s just over $10 and free shipping with Prime! 

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