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Food Allergy Friendly Wafers

Ross – Way More Finds Than Dressing for Less!

I love Ross. You can get some of the best finds there. Name brand purses, clothes, bedding, and house decor all in one spot for a killer deal.

Food Allergy Friendly Finds

One of my kids fav things about hittin’ up a local Ross with their madre, is all the fun unique food finds lining the zig-zagged checkout lane. Chips, popcorn, kettlecorn, cookies, candy, and more! Often times this is where I’ll coincidentally find specially marked peanut free cookies from My Little Pony, Thomas the Train and others. Incidentally, my husband took our oldest daughter to grab some extra bed sheets for her new bed, and while in the checkout lane she scored these yummy Premium Wafers. Read every label, every time as ingredients and processes are always changing. These were safe for my peanut and shellfish allergic child, but were cross-contaminated for other allergens.


They remind me of my Grandmother. She’s give these to me and my siblings as a little treat. The ones that most people recognize in chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. These are fancy ones though! And guess what. Not only are they triple layers and bite size, they are free of peanuts! Score!

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