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Entemann’s Little Bites Muffins

We travel a ton. We also like to go camping a ton! We have 5 kids. If I can find something convenient and easy that everyone likes, we get it! These don’t work for my husband of course because he’s gluten-free, but they work for my children and that works for me!

Quick, Easy, Convenient & Peanut FREE

They are moist and tiny. They come in a great portion serving size for kids. The flavors are varied and fun. My peanut allergic son loves all 3 showcased here in this post, but he’s not a fan of the blueberry muffins in this same line. I think they are pretty good though! His favorite are the “party” muffins. My 5-year-old loves the chocolate fudge, and my other 2 girls love the chocolate chip muffins. My 8 month old is still nursing quite a bit and probably won’t get around to trying these for another 6 months or so.

As I mentioned we take these with us traveling and camping. For traveling, we put these in carry-on bags for a quick snack. Let me tell you how many times they have “saved” me when one or more of my children have a meltdown and there is nowhere to get something quick for them, I’m so glad I’ve had them in my bag to save the day. They are fairly filling compared to some fruit snacks or other option.

No Supplies Or Other Products Needed

We also love having them for our kids to have as a breakfast option when traveling and camping. When we are in a hotel room, or in our RV camper it’s so nice to not have to worry about milk, spoons, bowls, or other breakfast supplies. We just pull out these awesome little muffins, open the bags, and BOOM – done!

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