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Food Allergy Friendly Sandwich Roll Ups

I love breadless sandwiches! This isn’t even a wrap. Perhaps we call it a roll-up? Whatever it is, I love to make these and eat them for lunch and snacks everyday!


Get a slice of your favorite cheese (I like to switch it up with pepper jack, provolone, havarti and Munster), 1-2 slices of your favorite deli meat (my fav’s are deli pepperoni, honey ham, honey maple turkey, and Cajun chicken), and a Claussen Kosher Dill Spear! Seriously Claussen are the best! The herbs and vinegar make just the right flavor with my roll ups!

If you’re dairy free, it’s seriously yummy with just meat and the pickle!

I like to order my meat and cheeses from the deli. They really are so much better!!! I order WalMart groceries Online, and Prima Della has been tasty for all the above mentioned cheeses and meats. There have been a few times they ran out of my preferred cheese and I’ve been able to sub Sargento with not much loss in flavor and quality.

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